Name a Star

If You Require a Gift That is individual, Unique, Will last Forever and is ‘Personalised’ for any occasion, Then This Is It!

A timeless reminder in the night sky that they will never forget!

star-registry-databaseName a Star

Name a star to mark that special event or for someone you love. Get a unique star, star map, gift pack and eternal viewable online message in our registry which you can visit on line anytime. A unique personalised gift, suitable for any occasion.

Name a Star for the Perfect Memorable and Unique Gift!

Your gift will be appreciated by anyone and everyone you give it to with it’s unique and personalised.

The gift with a stella qualitybuy-a-star which will be remembered always.

Each star is unique to the purchaser and you may view your catalogued star and message on our on-line wish upon a star public data base at any time!

What could be more beautiful, memorable or romantic gift than to have one of those stars that you gaze up at in the night sky named after yourself or in memory of a loved one. There are thousands of stars and thousands of reasons why people may choose to have their own named star so that it will last forever.


We offer a high quality and individually tailored product and service to customers.

With the clear information and star map that we provide you to purchase your own individual star for a friend or loved one we know that each star is an exclusive and unique gift to be cherished for eternity.

When you place your order be aware that you must at minimum place the name of your star/and/or/as well as any message that you want to appear online and on your gift certificate.

If you do choose a blank gift pack, you will be unable to view your star information our online data base. If you choose to place a message online at a later date, you will need to write into us with details of the message together with a cheque for £20.00 admin charge. Name a star today!

Please keep your message to a maximum of 13 words.

Refunds will only be made if:
The gift pack is lost or damaged. We make a mistake and you choose not to let us rectify the mistake.